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Sigi Riedelbauch
Sigi Riedelbauch, the company's founder and managing director spent 18 months in London as a bank executive and has been active in publicity and PR for the past 19 years. In 1995 this typical self-made woman decided to go it alone and founded the public touch agency for PR and press relations. The agency took off fairly smoothly from the start - manufacturers and editors alike already knew and appreciated Sigi's skill and competence.

Public touch are specialists for IT and telecommunications and have extensive expertise in the field of technical products, both investment goods and consumer goods. Fierce competition, constantly reducing product cycles, the growing similarity between products from different manufacturers (price, performance, availability of new technologies etc.) make it essential these days to act rapidly and decisively.

Under conditions like these PR has to do far more than merely distributing press releases. Personal contacts with the editors of all magazines specialising in IT and telecommunications and of appropriate business magazines and daily newspapers ensure that our customers are constantly in the public eye.

In a market dominated by bits and bytes we believe that nothing is more important than personal contact with the press. And our customers reap the benefits.